Well, hello there!

yup, she fit in that garage!

drivey drivey

bye bye!

Guess who's a happy camper?

Piles, and piles of caaaaaassshhH!

Whatever part of the wonderful/crazy/fun/maddening/ money pit/sunny day/breaking down/long mechanic bills/amazing driving/ general insanity of my Lincoln ownership story you happen to know, the news is this:


The short story is this: Sometime last week, an Equity Derivatives manager from Citibank in NYC (Joe) sent me mail, indicating his interest. He arranged for a friend of his (George) to accompany me to AAA yesterday (Tuesday 04/23/2002) for an inspection. AAA came up with a list about a mile long, but Joe didn't seem to care much. Turns out Joe was in Japan, so he changed his flights to be in SF today, and met up with me for a test drive of the green beauty.

He had Lincoln Buyer's tunnel vision.

We drove from my office onto the 101 South, got off @ Caesar Chavez, where I gave him the wheel, and he drove back down Mission, to 8th street. We pulled into a parking spot, he turned to me and said "Oliver, I want to buy this car from you". He reaches into he breast pocket, and pulls out an envelope full of cash. "Cash Ok?" he says? "HELL YEAH" I say, giving up any hope of containing my enthusiasm. He starts counting cash (remember, we're on Mission Street, at 8th.) Somehow, I calmly suggest that we go into his friend George's office a block away to do the transaction.

Luckily, due to Jen's good thoughts & encouragement, I washed the Lincoln, and cleaned out all of my personal items from the car on Sunday, and Tuesday night, I printed up two bills of sale.

We went inside, he counted off a whole lot of cash, we both signed the bills of sale, then exchanged papers, and he drove the car off into the sunset, honking and waving. Good luck, Joe!

So, please go and help Jennifer & I say goodbye to her, and enjoy pictures taken just this Sunday, as she was freshly washed.